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1963 Boys Basketball

The 1963 Tigers were Republic’s first-ever state champions, defeating Bernie 78-63 in the Class M state title game. Though the team’s two big men, senior Don Carlson (6’6″) and sophomore Howard Arndt (6’7″), got much of the attention, they were far from the only offensive weapons on the team. Guard Tony Logan, a 1st-team all-state selection in ’63, may have been the best all-around player, according to Carlson. Harold Harris and Butch Blades rounded out the starting lineup.

The five had been playing together since grade school, usually in a field at Logan’s house.

“We didn’t have any concrete. We just played on grass and soon it would become dirt,” remembers Carlson. “Howard would come over. Harold would come over. Butch would come over some. We just were very, very fortunate.”

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